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Our Services

We offer our services for startups as well as enterprises, we also have a product that is still in development.

For Startups

If your are a startup, you need a low-cost development partner who not only understands the complexities and uncertainty of startups but thrive in it. We offer Full Cycle Software Development Services, enabling you to choose the right strategies and technologies from the MVP Phase for smooth scaling later.


For Enterprises

At Infoxeron, we offer a range of technology services to help you maintain an edge over your competitors. Our expertise in technologies like Internet of Things, Distributed Systems, Custom CRM and ERP Solutions, Chatbots, etc. can enable your business become more efficient. Whether it's integration of newer technologies with legacy systems or development of new systems from scratch or assisting your team as dedicated resources, we can do it all.


Eurus - Our Product for online businesses

Eurus is a Customer Engagement Live Chat Solutions that aims to bridge the communication gap between a business owner and his/her customers. It has a range of in-built systems like Live Chat Application, mini-CRM, Analytics, etc. Eurus is in development right now. We will release it's Beta soon!


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